Stem Learning was conceptualised with an aim to empower underprivileged children in rural India  with the basic concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

We believe that every Indian child, irrespective of class and social background, deserves access to high quality science education.

Corporate India considers CSR in education as the primary sector where they can make a meaningful impact, thus giving back to community and the nation. Stem Learning partners with like-minded corporates to provide quality science education to underprivileged children in the remotest corners of India, thereby implementing the long-term vision, mission, and values of the corporates, along with fulfilling its own aim to make a difference where it can be felt the most. We have an on-going relationship with 40 top corporates of India, who have trusted us to implement their CSR in education goals in a meaningful way.

Till date, we have installed 40 Mega Science Centres and 650 Mini Science Centres in 650 schools, in 15 states across the country, touching the lives of 8,00,000 children and 4,500 teachers, through CSR in education. And the numbers are increasing at an exponential rate.

We conduct comprehensive teachers’ training programs in each school, thus empowering existing teachers of the schools to help the children gain credible scientific knowledge.

Our science centres have brought quality education in science, right to the doorstep of underprivileged school children in far flung hinterlands and remote corners of the nation, benefitting them tremendously.

Vision & Mission

We aim to develop sustainable, long-lasting and effective CSR initiatives in education, in collaboration with corporates, with innovative projects targeted to create maximum impact where needed the most.

With the support of corporates through CSR in education, we aim to provide underprivileged children the best science education and learning, so that they have a competitive edge in the outside world and stride confidently in the global scenario. Empowered teachers and inquisitive young minds can take the country towards unimagined progress and advancement.


In a short span of five years, STEM Learning has established a pan-India presence in 15 states, with the continued support of our corporate partners through effective CSR in education programs.

Our science centres are an oasis of science education in deeply deprived and remote, isolated regions of our country. They open up unimaginable avenues of education for underprivileged children, which would not have been possible for them otherwise.

To its credit, STEM Science models are approved by SCERT boards of four states-Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh and Jammu & Kashmir. The models are aligned with the curriculum of CBSC, ICSE and SSC boards.

Till date, STEM has transformed the lives of more than 8, 00,000 students and 4,500 teachers in 650 schools in India, spearheaded by CSR in education initiatives by the best corporates in the country.

Our latest addition is 175 Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) schools in Mumbai.

We have installed 30 big Science Centres in different talukas of Maharashtra under the Manav Vikas Mission Project of the state government. More than 1,00,000 students have visited them.

Stem Learning had the honour of installing two MSCs in Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's hometown, Rameshwaram, in memory of the late Missile Man of India'. One science centre was installed in Dr Kalam's home and the other in the school opened in his memory.

Stem Learning has collaborated with nearly 40 top corporates of the country, who have trusted us to realise their CSR goals effectively and meaningfully.


Schools now have improved facilities to teach science and maths.


Students now have better access to quality education.


Teachers now have access to improved methodology to teach science and maths.