Temburli is a small village, remotely located in the Shahpur Taluka of Thane district of western Maharashtra. In absence of any public transportation, reaching out to this village is a big challenge. The village is yet to see full electricity and connectivity, making any means of communication a major challenge, including the otherwise ubiquitous mobile phones and television sets. This has had significant impact on the educational amenities of the village like, keeping up with the scorching heat, communication issues, absence of well-trained teachers, etc.

Temburli has about a total of 158 students who go to the local village school. Education at Temburli school was average in absence of practical teaching methodology. Language barrier posed as a major hindrance, understanding the fundamentals could often become quite a challenge in the vernacular mediums of education. Remembering formulas and complex theories was very difficult. More often than not, kids would just end up mugging up the whole piece right off their textbooks and would be able to remember it only till their exams, and not after it.

With the STEM intervention through Mini Science Centres as part of the JSW CSR activity, students were taught to use and experience a number of different models that connected with their syllabus. The teachers were trained to deliver things better, while making learning fun and by using more of practical experiments and models.

A CSR initiative of JSW Vashind