Khar Danda School

In Khar Danda BMC School, students were not very keen in learning science as it was a subject that really gave them a tough time as they found it difficult to understand. Today, students from the same school have secured 2nd prize in the science fair organized under administrative officers’ school by presenting a beautifully designed working model on water cycle.

How did this happen? What changed the status of Science from being boring to so much more interesting?

The credit does go to Mini Science Centre, as 2 years back, STEM Learning took the school under its wing and science education in Khar Danda BMC School was given a boost by launching Mini Science Centre project in their school, as part of the JSW CSR initiative.

As part of this program, the school was provided with working models and raising the standards of the education imparted in the school. We trained the teachers to contribute to the teaching pedagogy. The results of this activity is changing the face of the school.

A CSR initiative of JSW Mumbai