As Mukesh got selected for district level science fair competition after endearing block level science fair competition, it was evident that Mini Science Centre (MSC) has not only inspired him but also taken the entire concept of science education at Lonkar School to a different level altogether.

Mukesh, a hardworking 14-year old, 9th grade student from Lonkar school at Pune, strives to balance his education and work so that he can support his mother. He works as a newspaper distributor before he goes to school every morning. Mukesh is one bright, intelligent and a quick learner who loves science but due to family responsibilities, it was difficult for him to juggle between school and home.

He recalls the time when despite of having keen interest and knowledge, he never got an opportunity to participate in any competition. Also, lack of financial support from the family limited his developments too.

Mukesh gives major credit of his winning the science fair competition to Mini Science Centre (MSC) – a HSBC CSR initiative, as he thinks it is an innovative extension which makes learning easier, more experiential and less theoretical. It has helped not only him, but also other students in the school have a clearer picture of the science concepts in an interesting way, i.e. through working science models.

Mini Science Centre at Lonkar School in Pune was installed in July2016 under HSBC’s CSR initiative.