Quiz Competition

STEM organises various events at the school level to engage the young minds for an enhanced learning experience. One such activity is quiz competitions. Quiz competitions are a fun and effective way to ensure active participation of all the kids in the pursuit of knowledge.

Such competitions build confidence in rural children, as well as make them aware of their own scientific abilities. These quiz competitions motivate and engage the schools, teachers, as well as students, to give their best shot.

Quiz competitions can be custom-designed to align with the thought processes of the concerned corporates.

Corporates can also include such quiz competitions as part of Volunteer Engagement, a crucial aspect of CSR in education. The trivia questions can be created by the corporates, based on the scope of the syllabus of the various grades.

Close interaction with the volunteers motivates and inspires the children. This helps them to aspire to achieve much more in life, at the same time, steering them towards the right direction and attitude to education.