Our Mini Science Centre (MSC) is an innovative, holistic, interactive and hands-on approach to teaching concepts of Maths and Science. It is a novel way of teaching that not only catches the attention of children, but also holds it.

Each Science Centre consists of 65 table top working science models. These science models come with attractive, coloured backdrops and in-depth manuals (available in English and five regional languages). With the help of our interactive maths and science models, students are able to grasp difficult scientific and mathematical concepts with ease.

MSCs make difficult science concepts and fundamentals become crystal clear, which then get firmly entrenched in children’s minds. By operating the models themselves, and by actually observing scientific phenomena, which they had only read about in books, kindles children’s interest, curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Once installed, these MSCs become a permanent set-up in the school. The science models are aligned with the syllabus of class Vth -Xth and are in accordance with SSC, ICSE and CBSE boards.

Stem Learning trains the teachers of the schools in effective usage of the models, empowering them to make each experience engaging and fun, thereby helping children to extract maximum value from the various models.

Sponsoring these MSCs in underprivileged schools is an extraordinary opportunity for corporates to initiate CSR in Science education for kids.