Mini Science Centre Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important and easily overlooked part of imparting high quality science education to underprivileged children. This is because only well-maintained scientific models can facilitate the quality science education that is visualised by STEM Learning.

Regular maintenance empowers teachers to use the models freely and comfortably when they teach the children, without fear of something going wrong or the models breaking down.

STEM Learning provides complimentary maintenance for the 1st year of installation. Maintenance for the next two years is paid by the donor, as part of their corporates spend in the field of CSR in education.

Maintenance of the science models is a scheduled activity, which is carried out at regular intervals by the Stem Learning team. It includes cleaning, oiling and checking the models. It also includes repairing damages in the models, such as LED repairs, repair of broken threads, etc.

A team from the factory visits the location and carries out the maintenance work within 15 days of reporting an issue, if and when required.