Mini Science Centre Installation

Installation of the MSCs is the first step towards empowering underprivileged children and teachers in science education. Whether it is in schools within city limits, in the villages, or in any remote corner of the country, Stem Learning makes it a point to install the science centres quickly and efficiently. We have installed MSCs in the remotest regions of the country, where they are working extremely well, and helping children gain the advantage of quality science education.

A skilled team from our factory assembles the Mini Science Centre in schools and educational centres. Since the models are easy to assemble, installation is complete within a day. Once the initial groundwork is complete, the MSC is ready for use by teachers and students.

On completion of the installation, Stem Learning trains and orients the science and maths teachers of the schools, so that they can explain concepts easily through the models, help children use the models effectively and extract maximum learning from the models.

The models are manufactured by us, according to the highest quality standards, and in keeping with world science education criteria. Corporates sponsor the MSCs as part of CSR in education.