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Stem Learning was conceptualised with an aim to empower underprivileged children in rural India with the basic concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

We believe that every Indian child, irrespective of class and social background, deserves access to high quality science education.

Corporate India considers CSR in education as the primary sector where they can make a meaningful impact, thus giving back to community and the nation. Stem Learning partners with like-minded corporates to provide quality science education to underprivileged children in the remotest corners of India, thereby implementing the long-term vision, mission, and values of the corporates, along with fulfilling its own aim to make a difference where it can be felt the most. We have an on-going relationship with 40 top corporates of India, who have trusted us to implement their CSR in education goals in a meaningful way.

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Vision & Mission

We aim to develop sustainable, long-lasting and effective CSR initiatives in education, in collaboration with corporates, with innovative projects targeted to create maximum impact where needed the most.

With the support of corporates through CSR in education, we aim to provide underprivileged children the best science education and learning, so that they have a competitive edge in the outside world and stride confidently in the global scenario. Empowered teachers and inquisitive young minds can take the country towards unimagined progress and advancement.

CSR Solutions

Mini Science Centre

Mini Science Centre

A revolutionary, innovative concept of teaching science and maths to underprivileged children quickly, effectively and long-lastingly.

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The first step towards empowering underprivileged children and teachers in science education.

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The start of an exciting, new journey.

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Teacher Training Program

When teachers become pupils, they emerge empowered, skilled and capable.

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Mini Science Center Maintenance


Well-maintained science models lead to higher learning, better understanding and enhanced educational experience.

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Stem Learning Quiz Competition

Quiz Competition

Engaging programs result in higher levels of engagement on the part of both, teachers and children.

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Volunteer Engagement

Strategic, custom-designed and masterfully executed programs that are perfectly aligned with the CSR goals, values and thought process of corporates.

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Felicitation of deserving students is vital to driving impactful CSR in education initiatives.

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In a short span of five years, STEM Learning has established a pan-India presence in 15 states, with the continued support of our corporate partners through effective CSR in education programs.

Our science centres are an oasis of science education in deeply deprived and remote, isolated regions of our country. They open up unimaginable avenues of education for underprivileged children, which would not have been possible for them otherwise.

To its credit, STEM Science models are approved by SCERT boards of four states-Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh and Jammu & Kashmir. The models are aligned with the curriculum of CBSC, ICSE and SSC boards.

Till date, STEM has transformed the lives of more than 8, 00,000 students and 4,500 teachers in 650 schools in India, spearheaded by CSR in education initiatives by the best corporates in the country.

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Schools now have improved facilities to teach science and maths.


Students now have better access to quality education.


Teachers now have access to improved methodology to teach science and maths.

Success Stories

Lonkar School student wins the Science Fair Competition

As Mukesh got selected for district level science fair competition after endearing block level science fair competition

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Khar Danda School

Students of Khar Danda School are now considering a career in Science

Students from the Khar Danda School have secured 2nd prize in the science fair organized under administrative officers’ school by presenting a beautifully designed working model on water cycle.

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Temburli School – Rising above all the barriers

Temburli is a small village, remotely located in the Shahpur Taluka of Thane district of western Maharashtra.

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STEM Learning installed and conducted the formal inaugural ceremony of Mini Science Centres

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Stem valuntary

STEM volunteer programme:

STEM's volunteer programme is a great way to find a purpose in life and to help India become great.

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We have provided the STEM Experiment setup to the Nicora High School having 60 experiments. It is giving excellent understanding of principles of physics. The students are also very enthusiastic to learn from this. I think it will help a lot in future for the Quality Education. Thank you very much.

D.M. Gandhi | GM Production/AnkleshwarLupin Pharma

Only imagining how things work from the textbook did not give the required knowledge. But due to this science working model we now understand how are these concepts applied. These science models have explained the concepts so well that we cannot forget them easily.

Saraswati Vidya Mandir | Student

We have a mini science centre in our school now. Usually we used to study science laws only from textbooks, but today we have seen them practically. Now we can study in a much better way. This will help us in our higher standards.


This initiative is best to develop a scientific outlook in students. And at last people forget what they hear, remember for a short while what they see, but what a person experiences touches his mind and stays with him forever. When theory is connected to practical learning, a person never forgets what he learns. Moreover, equipment is handy and can be taken into classrooms thus reaching maximum students.

Vinod Shelar | Chairman/BMC Education Committee

Earlier our students had to view these science models from a distance at other places, but now they can touch and see these science models themselves.

Snehal Vijay Sawant | Prabhadevi BMC School

We wish STEM Learning keeps on providing us with new science models.

Manisha Ojha | Science Teacher

Earlier teaching only theory would not actually make the students understand the experiments. But after this practical approach they understand things faster and better.

Science Teacher

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